I once had an editor who used to always end his letters to me with the phrase “Don’t Ever Change.”

Now, I don’t think he was singling me out. (Don’t change, John, because you’re already perfect.) I assume he told everyone not to change.

I could never figure out if he was being ironic. I mean—honestly, it came across as so phony. Such a cliche. So Hollywood. You had to hope that the guy was kidding.

He wasn’t my editor for long. The comics company he was working for went belly up. And we soon lost touch. Years later, I learned that he ended up in Hollywood—working in TV or films. I wonder if he ever changed.

And here’s the original 1958 First Kiss art…

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman looking into the mirror of her makeup compact.

WOMAN: I’ve tried everything, but…I’m still me!

Pencils by Charles Nicholas
Color by Dan McConnell