(In case you’re wondering, the Martha StewTart saga will resume Friday.)

My pal Mike Pascale is on a mission His goal is to revamp my Last Kiss art for as many holidays as possible. He started with Halloween—turning starry-eyed sweethearts into zombies.

Next came Christmas—turning lovers into elves and Santa. Then Valentine’s Day—Cupid.

And now, for the Fourth of July—Uncle Sam.

What’s next?  Beats me. But…no. Stop! Mike, don’t even think about…Columbus Day!

The Last Kiss art---prior to Mike's modifications. Color by Allen Freeman.

Below is the original First Kiss romance art from the 1960s.


↓ Transcript
SCENE: Man dressed as Uncle Sam smiles at woman. In background, fireworks are going off.

MAN: I’m a Yankee Doodle! A big pole, flag-waving, randy dandy!

WOMAN: Really? You look more like a "fruited plain!”

Art patriotized by Mike Pascale
Gag by Pascale & Lustig