In creating “Martha StewTart” I sometimes changed the order of the panels from the original art. For the sake of continuity, though, I’m presenting Charlton’s “Forever and a Day” in it’s original order. (See below.)

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↓ Transcript
TITLE: Martha StewTart...Domestic Superhero!
CAPTION: “I know it’s hard to believe, but I haven’t always been as perfect as I am now! During those early carefree days when I lived next to a nuclear project, I didn’t fully understand the joys of being a woman!”*

CAPTION: *As told by Martha herself...except for the parts we made up!

BOB: Well, I'm off to split an atom! Did you have time to pack me a lunch, Martha?

MARTHA: I sure did! And I went all out this time! Bread and butter sandwiches! And for dessert...a Twinkie!

BOB: Gee, that's, uh...great! But, should take a cooking class sometime!

MARTHA: Me? Cook? Don't be silly, Bob! Now go! I'll have your TV dinner defrosted by the time you get home!

MARTHA: By the way, are the lab boys through with that big mysterious project at the lake? I'd like to go swimming...if it's safe?

BOB: They should be finishing up right now! And, of course, it's safe!

CAPTION: To Be Continued