And so begins my 10-part serialization of the Martha StewTart saga. What is it exactly? The answer is here.

Below is the first page of the original romance art from First Kiss. I’ll be reprinting the entire “Forever and a Day” storyline here bit-by-bit as the Martha StewTart story unfolds. So you’ll be getting two stories at the same time!

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↓ Transcript
CAPTION: In the time it takes you to read this, Martha StewTart can build a 69-room mansion out of toothpicks...crochet a dust cover for her septic tank...and whip up a gourmet breakfast out of dandelions and gerbil mix! How does she do it? Find out in the secret origin of...

MARTHA (thinking as she kisses her husband): The perfect kiss! %$# I’m good!

TITLE: Martha StewTart...Domestic Superhero!*
*As told by Martha herself...except for the parts we made up!
To Be Continued
Art by Charles Nicholas & Sal Trapani
Color by Shane Fisher