I’m reprinting (bit-by-bit) the entire Charlton Comics story “Forever and a Day” that served as the basis for most of “Martha StewTart.” (See below)

In creating “Martha StewTart” I sometimes changed the order of the panels—and even added art from other stories-—as I did here.

For the sake of continuity, though, I’m presenting Charlton’s “Forever and a Day” in it’s original order.

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↓ Transcript
PANEL 1: Worker during a storm rolling (or dumping) a leaking barrel.

BOB'S CAPTION: "Remember, Martha! Nuclear power is the safest, cleanest form of energy in history!"

WORKER (thinking): Gee! The fish are sure pretty when they turn pink like that! But...I wonder why they're all floating upside down?

PANEL 2: Martha watches as Bob leaves for work.

MARTHA'S CAPTION "I knew Bob was right! He was a scientist! And, as I watched my man go to work, I swelled with pride until I thought I'd burst! I gasped for breath! Could this be love...or did I just need a bigger bra?"

MARTHA: Hurry home, dear! We're having Tic Tacs for dessert!

PANEL 3: Martha swimming in a lake.

CAPTION: "I had a wonderful swim! It was as if there was something magical in the water! Every cell in my body tingled with energy! Suddenly, I knew...I could do anything!"

MARTHA: All those dead fish up ahead...I can't wait to saute them in garlic butter!

CAPTION: To Be Continued