To the right is the original First Kiss romance art.

Poor Pam is in love with Harry, but Harry totally ignores her heaving bosom!

Until now, all Pam has cared about is her career. So she’s never tried to look beautiful. Or be sexy. (Because how would that ever come in handy in business?)

Her fashion style? Business frumpy!

So now Pam needs to know how to be a real woman—pronto. So, of course, she turns to a man for advice.

Allan—the artist who’s been hanging around her office like a lovesick puppy yapping for her attention—plays Prof. Higgins to her Eliza Doolittle.

After being transformed into a glamour girl, Pam approaches Harry. But it’s…too late!

Harry cheerfully informs her that he’s marrying another woman. Congrats, Harry!

Then Pam meets with Allan and informs him that all their work was for nothing.

Fortunately, this is a romance comic. So she and Allan are in love by the next panel.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Smiling man talking to someone---presumably a woman.

MAN: I refuse to brag about how wonderful I am! So you’ll have to do it for me!