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Here’s the latest (and goriest) of the amazing Mike Pascale‘s 2012 Halloween gags. As in years past, Mike has taken some of my old Last Kiss art and monster-fied it.

Two more Pascale horror comics to go between now and Halloween. Stay tooned for more funny chills!

To see all of Mike’s Last Kiss Halloween comics so far, click Pascale-Halloween.

To the right is the original romance art (as colored by Allen Freeman.)

Below is a black & white version of the comic book art as it appeared in 1961 in First Kiss #21.


↓ Transcript
SCENE: Man talking to zombie woman. Zombie woman has bitten off finger of man and it is protruding from her mouth.

MAN: I told you, no snacking between meals!
Inked: Dick Giordano
Gag & zombification: Mike Pascale