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Here’s the last of Mike Pascale‘s 2012 Halloween gags. (I can’t wait to see what Mike cooks up next year!)

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To the right is the original romance art (as colored by Allen Freeman.)

Below is a black & white version of the comic book art as it appeared in 1958 in First Kiss #5.

The romance story (“The Sea Green Eyes”) has a plot that is as fantastic as any superhero story. Ralph is a poor poet whose work is rescued from oblivion by Lydia—an assistant book editor with a taste for romantic mush.

She gets Ralph’s work published. Then she meets Ralph and they fall in love.

Unlikely? Maybe!

But then the story jumps the rails. Ralph’s book of poetry is such a success that he’s constantly in demand for stage readings and society parties. He’s a celebrity. And we all know what stinkers superstar poets are!

He ditches Lydia and stops writing so he can spend all his time giving recitals and getting into fights in night clubs.

Finally, he runs out of royalties and comes to his senses. He starts writing again and returns to the arms of Lydia with the “sea green eyes.”

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Zombie man and human woman embrace.


WOMAN: I’m so glad you’re a vegan!

Vintage Art: John Tartaglione Gag & Zombie by Mike Pascale