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Jan 32021 Resolutions
Jan 5Stuck on You
Jan 7Bragging Rights
Jan 10Smack Gurgle Slurp
Jan 12The Dangers of Reading Last Kiss
Jan 14Break Out the Bubbly
Jan 17Martin Luther King Jr. Day–2021
Jan 18Sex without Love? No way!
Jan 19Slow & Steady Wins!
Jan 21Hair Today? Guida Tomorrow!
Jan 24Birthday Gift
Jan 26Tzarzan vs. the Savage Simian Suitors
Jan 28Size Doesn’t Matter. But…
Jan 31Bed Rest? Dream On!
Feb 2I’m Doing This for You
Feb 3Sex? Disgusting? Ha!
Feb 4Thrifty Tina
Feb 7Horny Women
Feb 9Skunked by the La Pews
Feb 11No Masks. Clothing Optional.
Feb 12Cupid’s Choices
Feb 13Love Cop
Feb 14Super Lincoln
Feb 16Giving Up Sex
Feb 18Read Me
Feb 21Fatima Forgets
Feb 23Stimulate Me–Again!
Feb 25Death-Defying Adventure!
Feb 28I’m M-e-l-t-i-n-g!
Mar 2Let’s Celebrate
Mar 4Not that I Care, But…
Mar 7Fond of Mom
Mar 9Love Vultures
Mar 11The World’s Shortest Fairy Tale
Mar 13The Peril of Daylight Saving Time
Mar 13Daylight Saving Time…After Time
Mar 16Leprechaun Love?
Mar 18Dating Twins
Mar 21Web Comic Fantasy
Mar 23You’re Giving Me a Headache–Again!
Mar 25Saving Face
Mar 28Looking Good
Mar 30Humor Hurts
Apr 1Don’t Be a Blockhead this Easter
Apr 3Buxom Bunny to the Rescue
Apr 4Do You Feel Lucky?
Apr 6She Has a Giant Problem
Apr 8Monster Movie Madness
Apr 11Marriage Counts
Apr 13Birthday Surprise
Apr 15The Wind Tunnel of Love
Apr 18Unsocial Distancing
Apr 20Be Sexy! Get Vaccinated!
Apr 22Humor as Sexy as a Tree
Apr 25Trickle Down Spending
Apr 27You? U? UUU!!
Apr 29Bed, Bra and Beyond
May 2And the Trophy Goes to…
May 4From Cheeky to Sexcess
May 6Mom Loves You
May 8Mother’s Day? It’s So Unfair!
May 9Hammered by Lust
May 11Hot, Burning Love
May 13Beware the Ides of May
May 16A Taxing Date
May 18Monster Thirst? Monster Love!
May 20I’m Not Fat Today
May 23Carla Discovers Bliss
May 25A Night Out with Studmuffin
May 27Royal Lust
May 30Memorial Day 2021
Jun 1Are You Ready for Date Night?
Jun 3Fabulously Rich
Jun 6The Thrilling Tales Ladies’ Book Club
Jun 8The Birds
Jun 10Be Who You Are
Jun 13Flag Day, 1941
Jun 15Reaction Queen
Jun 17I Want a Girl, Just Like the Girl…Who Married Dear Old Dad
Jun 19Chili Dogs with Dad
Jun 20Going for a Dip?
Jun 22By and Bi
Jun 24Why Cats Don’t Rule the World–Yet
Jun 27Stormy Weather
Jun 29Be Glad, Not Sad
Jul 1Sexy Freedom
Jul 3Independence Day
Jul 4See You Ate Her, Gator
Jul 6Luuuucy
Jul 8So Purty
Jul 11The Perfect Man
Jul 13Hair Today, Married Tomorrow
Jul 15Exam Scam
Jul 18Great Kisser
Jul 20Date Night with Adam West
Jul 22The World’s Favorite Sport
Jul 25Very Hokey, Very Pokey
Jul 27Chaperone? So Unnecessary!
Jul 29Statistics Fun
Aug 1Silence Is Sexy
Aug 3Holy Sex!
Aug 5Buster’s Tunnel of Love
Aug 8No Smooching
Aug 10Gunning for Love
Aug 12You Can’t Buy My Love
Aug 15Married with Children
Aug 17My Favorite Comic of All Time
Aug 19Love Me!
Aug 22Sexy Salutation
Aug 24Panty Pride
Aug 26Pony Expressed
Aug 29A Dirty Shame
Aug 31Instant Romance–and Exercise!
Sep 2The Saga of Dick Sodumb
Sep 5Legendary Labors
Sep 7Sex? It’s a Piece of Cake
Sep 9Poor Men
Sep 12Minimum Requirements
Sep 14Cramming for a Test
Sep 16Life in the Swingers Club
Sep 19Pretend I’m Wrong
Sep 21Be Happy
Sep 23Gag Me
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