Many thanks to my pal Mike Pascale for transforming the original art (below) into a fantastic horror-themed, romance comic for Halloween. The basic gag is also by Mike. (I just make a small tweak to the dialogue.)

By sheer coincidence, Mike submitted the gag just a couple of weeks after Shelagh and I went “green” and got a three-year lease on an all-electric car–a 2020 Chevy Bolt. (Rumor has it that Frankenstein’s Monster has already gotten the 2021 model.)

Art by Dick Giordano with possible assist by Vince Colletta. From the story “Letter from Long Ago” in FIRST KISS #6, 1958.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Frankenstein's Monster and a young woman are talking as a lightning storm rages in the background. The Monster's face is glowing green.

MONSTER: I hear you're into "green energy!"

WOMAN: Wanna make some sparks?