This isn’t the first silly verse I’ve written. Over the years, I’ve occasionally slipped nonsense rhymes into my comic book scripts for Disney:

“But we mail carriers are tough! We eat spinach and liver!

“And though we may occasionally shiver…

15 Shady Poems

“Like Santa, with postage, we always deliver!”

But I’m not a real poet like my pal Robert Hoffman. His stuff isn’t just funny. It’s also sophisticated. And highbrow!

(By that, of course, I mean that his poetry doesn’t rhyme—and, yet, people still recognize it as poetry. Something I couldn’t pull off!)

I’d be jealous except that he asked me to provide the cover art for his new book 15 Shady Poems and a Love Sonnet.


I can’t resent anyone with taste bad enough to want me associated with such high-class poetry!

Art from Intimate #3, 1958.

Art from Intimate #3, 1958.



↓ Transcript
SCENE: Beautiful woman in a slinky dress singing into a microphone.

WOMAN (singing): Love me tender, Love me sweet. Beware!
I know judo! Wash your feet! And
then repeat, This is not porn--ooo!*

*With apologies to Elvis Presley
--not that he cares.

Restoration & Color: Diego Jourdan Pereira

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