Someone in my family supposedly predicted that both of my marriages would fail within six months. (For the sake of family harmony, I’ll call her “Grand Aunt Gloompuss.”)

Given my family’s history this seemed like a pretty safe bet.

There are an unusual number of divorces in my family: My parents. Both sets of grandparents and at least one set of great grandparents.

So the odds were stacked against me. However…

My first marriage lasted nearly 10 years and would still be going strong if I hadn’t been widowed.

My second marriage is closing in on 30 years now. And that’s considerably longer than any of Grand Aunt Gloompuss’s three marriages.

I don’t have a reliable credit for the original art, but it’s likely that it was done by the Vince Colletta Studio. Allen Freeman extended the art for me when he colored it. The original appeared in First Kiss #10, 1959.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: As a car drives away with a "Just Married" sign on the back, a woman, a young boy and a young girl watch.

BOY: They’re so young!

GIRL: I give it six months!

Color by Allen Freeman

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