Barb tells Mike not to worry about Gil. I mean, it's not like she and Gil are engaged. (Original art from First Kiss #30, 1963. Click image to enlarge.)

So you’re at the beach with Gil. But Gil leaves for a minute and a new guy (Mike) walks up and wants to buy you some popcorn.

Of course, you tell Mike:

A. No, because Gil will be jealous.

B: No, because then you’d have to sleep with him.

C. No, because you’d rather have cotton candy.

D. No, because you’re afraid of becoming addicted to popcorn.

E. Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s all it takes. I’m yours.

Obviously, the answer is F.

↓ Transcript
WOMAN (to man): Sex isn’t a game, but if it was…I’d be winning!

Art by Luis Dominguez
Color by Allen Freeman

©2013 Last Kiss Inc