Well, this is unusual—a Last Kiss using new art. How new? So new that it’s part of a current Kickstarter project.

Let me be clear, I have no financial stake in Paul Kupperberg’s Secret Romances anthology. All the stories were written by Paul. Sure, I wrote the book’s introduction. But I get paid the same amount (nothing!) whether the book gets published or not.

But I really like the project and in addition to Paul’s great stories, it features some of my favorite artists—including my pal Joe Staton. Joe and I have been talking about working together for years, but somehow it never happened—’til now.

This was great fun for me. And it’s not over. I’ve re-dialogued some additional art from other stories in the book (by other great artists.) And between now and when the Kickstarter ends, they’ll be running here.

↓ Transcript
SCENE, PANEL 1: Through binoculars, we see a man looking back with binoculars.

VOICE OVER BY WOMAN FROM OFF-PANEL: The only thing I like better than a Tom boy…

SCENE, PANEL 2: is a peeping Tom boy!

Text ©2019 Last Kiss Inc
Art @2019 Joe Staton

Art from the romance anthology Paul Kupperberg’s Secret Romances
Being funded on Kickstarter thru April 17, 2019 at: http://kck.st/2FT9Vn3