I know the holidays aren’t all sugar plums and smiles. But I hope this Christmas brings you genuine joy as well as many wonderful moments and warm memories!

—John Lustig

(Many thanks to Diego Jourdan Pereira for the Christmas-themed re-vamp of this art.)

All Romances #1 (1949.) Artist may be Alice Kirkpatrick.


↓ Transcript
SCENE: A smiling Santa Clause carries a happy young woman. She has her arms around his neck.

WOMAN: I can’t resist the Christmas Spirit!

SANTA: Ho! Ho! Ho!

CAPTION: Merry Christmas

1949 Art: Alice Kirkpatrick? Re-Ink, Color & Santa-ification: Diego Jourdan Pereira

Art Codes: djp_lk_badsanta01b DJP.lk41

Art possibly by Alice Kirkpatrick from the cover of All Romances #1, Aug. 1949. Published by Ace Magazines. alias