I received almost 200 Couple-Up Contest submissions on GoComics. And there were some wild, crazy, funny gags!

But Pogoreader’s absurd dialogue was a favorite of mine—making me laugh out loud. And it made guest caption writer William Van Horn laugh too.

And, when I floated it as a possible winner on Facebook, the reaction was nearly unanimous. We have a winner!

Facebook Winner:

Fans also submitted gags via Facebook. Longtime-fan Laura Drake easily came out on top with the most Facebook “likes.”

Honorable Mentions:

Check out this roundup of some of the best gags submitted on GoComics, Facebook, the Last Kiss website and mental telepathy.

—-John Lustig

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman looks angrily at a man who has her hand on her shoulder. A statue of a cupid is next to them. The cupid is hiding his face by burying it in his arm.

TITLE INFO: Last Kiss Couple-Up
GoComics Winner: Pogoreader

CAPTION (by William Van Horn): Rodney, in a negligent moment, had accidentally stepped on Madeline's pet snail. Simmering at the outrage, Madeline turned, and in a voice laced with bile said…

MADELINE: Accident?!! That’s what you said when you slept with my sister!

Dialogue: Pogoreader Caption: William Van Horn

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