I’m thrilled to announce that William Van Horn‘s Nervous Rex comics are being reprinted—at long, long last.

What?!! You want to know why I’m mentioning this? And what this comic has to do with Last Kiss?

Well, nothing. Except…

Bill Van Horn played a huge part in my early comic career. We teamed up together to create a lot of Donald Duck, DuckTales and Uncle Scrooge comics. Without him, it’s likely that I never would’ve done Disney comics or gone on to do Last Kiss.

But we first worked together and became friends when I submitted story ideas for Nervous Rex back in the mid-1980s.

However, the series was wonderful, witty and silly long before I played my small part in it. The humor and art are very much in the tradition of George Herriman’s Krazy Kat. There’s also a smidge of Jack Benny embodied in the character of Rex–a pint-sized, hen-pecked, tyrannosaur who’d rather eat oatmeal than…well, you.

The series—along with some cool extras—is being re-printed issue by issue by Drew Ford’s It’s Alive. Issues aren’t for sale yet. But Drew is going to be offering 100 issues of #1 signed by Van Horn.

Since Bill hasn’t done any comic cons or appearances in many years, this may be the only chance to get work signed by him.