Elite Avni-Sharon (by Elite!)

Elite Avni-Sharon (by Elite!)

Israeli artist Elite Avni-Sharon is the newest member of the Last Kiss team of insanely talented (or in my case just insane) contributors.

I met Elite back in 2008 at a New York Comic Con. We’ve exchanged occasional e-mails since then. But it was only recently that Elite approached me about working on Last Kiss. I quickly said “Yes!!!”

An artist for 18 years, she’s illustrated books for children, adults and “professionals.” In addition to advertising and public relations work, she’s also done designs for the fashion, textile, and toy markets.

Elite lives in Israel, with a demanding Macintosh, “delicious husband, Pinkish girl and three cats.”

See more of Elite’s fabulous work on her site and her professional Facebook page.

As well as below…