My packing list for my Artist Alley table (D13) at the New York Comic Con:

Fabulous Last Kiss t-shirts, totes bags, cards, prints, pocket mirrors, comics and other goodies that I’ll be selling all three days (Oct. 8-10) of the convention? Check!

Special appearance by Supernatural Law creator Batton Lash (Saturday Oct. 9 only from 1-2 p.m. and from 3-4 p.m.) Check!

In addition to his Supernatural Law series, Bat is a long-time writer of Archie and Simpsons (Bongo) comics. So there’s lots of cool stuff he can sign for you.

Bat’s connection to Last Kiss? Well, frankly none–so far. But one of these days I’m going to rope my pal Bat into writing or drawing something for Last Kiss. So see him now while he’s only semi-famous!