Wonder Woman Day Benefit Art: Bare, Bath and Beyond!

Wonder Woman Day Benefit Art: Bare, Bath and Beyond!

This is the second of two images that I did for this year’s Wonder Woman Day (Oct. 24, 2010) auction–benefiting shelters for victims of domestic violence. (You can see the other image here.)

I double-matted and signed the print. No other copies will be offered for sale anywhere. So if you want it, bid on it quick! (The auction version does not include my logo or the art credit. At the bottom it simply says “Wonder Woman Day 2010.”)

A live auction will take place Oct. 24 at Excalibur Comics in Portland, OR. Proxy bidding via e-mail is open through midnight Oct. 23. Bidding info here.

Even if you don’t bid, the auction features lots of great art by some incredible artists (Alex Ross, Jaimie Hernandez) for a worthy cause. Take a look. It’s a wonder!

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Beautiful woman washing in a bathtub.

CAPTION: Wonder Woman’s latest makeover: The wet t-shirt look...minus the t-shirt!

WONDER WOMAN: I’m not coming out
until they give me back my old costume!

Art for the Wonder Woman Day V benefit.
Art by Vince Colletta studio