John Lustig's interview about dreams and how to make them come true---on

Last Kiss creator John Lustig was interviewed about his dreams & goals—and how he makes them come true.

In June I attended the 2015 Licensing Expo* in Las Vegas and I met artist/designer Kat Ford of A first time exhibitor, Kat’s small, but well-organized booth stood out in a sea of booths that were all clamoring for attention.

Apparently I impressed her as well—or maybe she just thought I was weird enough to be interesting—because she interviewed me for the blog that she and Bonnie Gore run about how people achieve their goals.

Thanks, Kat!

*I swear by the Seven Gods of Merchandising, I’ll write about the Licensing Expo soon. Or at least someday—sorta soon. Trust me, it’ll be worth the wait!