Couple-Up Contest Winner: Ed Bertoli

Couple-Up Contest Winner: Ed Bertoli

We had hundreds of submissions in the first Last Kiss Couple-Up Contest and many of them were outstanding. But only one could win.

Congratulations to Ed Bertoli who came up with an excellent and very funny flaw for a conniving husband’s homemade robot spouse.

Runners-Up: Keiko Alvarez, Gary Dunaier, Charles Kramer, Helen Stockfleth, and Jacqueline Hallenbeck.

You can see their hilarious submissions and many more here.

↓ Transcript
Last Kiss Couple-Up
Contest Winner: Ed Bertoli

CAPTION: As Roger adds the final touches to the robot duplicate of his wife, he suddenly detects a fatal flaw...

ROGER: Oh darling, say those three little words that will change my life forever.

ROBOT: I'm a lesbian.

Winning Dialogue: Ed Bertoli Opening Caption: Jim Salicrup

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