Instant Old Friends

Instant Old Friends

Speaking of old friends, my pal Ed Smith gave me an incredible birthday present today (Jan. 25.) For the last few centuries–I exaggerate only slightly–he’s been working on a Last Kiss animated cartoon.

But no more. Today, the cartoon is officially finished.

It’s just a few minutes of fun with Flash-style animation, but–holy exclamation marks, I’m excited about this!!!

Ed came up with some great gags and visuals that really moved my story along. And actress/pal Sharon Parker’s reading of the line “Oh, I like it!” may be the sexist thing I’ve heard since my wife said “I do.”

It’ll be at least a week (probably two) before I post the animation on the web. (Hey, I’ve got press releases to write and bloggers to blackmail first.)

But I promise to have the cartoon up and running in time for the traditional Last Kiss national holiday–St. Valentine’s Day!

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman standing alone at an airport. She's talking to someone who's off panel.

WOMAN: I don’t sleep with strangers!

WOMAN (again): But I’m sure we’ll be old friends…by the end of the flight!