Under Where? Not There!

Under Where? Not There!

Cartoon Hunt Contest!

Does this art look familiar? It should. I’ve used it before. But last time one of the characters looked, well…a bit less healthy.

I thought it’d be fun to see how long it takes my readers to find the previous comic in my archive. So I’m giving away a prize.

The first person who finds the comic and posts a link in the comment section of my site here wins five Last Kiss greeting cards. (If you have trouble posting a link then at least post the date and name of the comic.)

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Man is behind a woman and calls out because he recognizes--although he can't see her face. She looks surprised.

MAN: Hey, I recognize you!

WOMAN: Gee! Did I forget to wear underwear again?

Art by John Tartaglione