Last Kiss art is unofficially endorsed by Superman--both of them--at Comic-Con.

I had a super time at Comic-Con International. In fact, from a professional standpoint, it was easily my best show ever!

Nothing is ever a done deal until you’ve signed the contracts and cashed the checks, but I had some incredibly encouraging talks with editors and publishers. I’ll know more in a few weeks, but frankly–short of shoving money into my hands–I couldn’t have gotten a better response from the editors I talked to.

L to R: Me, Stasia Kato, and Kevin Boze at the Last Kiss/Virgin Project table.

Actually, I did have a lot of people shoving lots of money into my hands back at the Last Kiss table. Despite the economy, sales were extremely good. My two biggest sellers were the Last Kiss tote bags (see below) and the unmatted Last Kiss art prints.

My table mates and friends Kevin Boze and Stasia Kato were both delighted and dismayed to sell every single copy of their books, The Virgin Project & The Virgin Project 2 by early Sunday. (Next time they’ll bring a lot more.)

New Last Kiss fan Steampunk Rogue (Tanya Cyr) clearly needs "something" extra to make her costume work.

Ahh! Problem solved. Tanya shows off her new Last Kiss tote bag.

More to come when I’ve got a bit more time…