Nature Abhors My Cat…Vacuuming

Nature Abhors My Cat…Vacuuming

I do most of the vacuuming in our household. And I wouldn’t mind, but the person who creates most of the mess never helps out. She just lies there, licking her paws,  and shedding fur at a world record rate.

It’s everywhere. On the couch, in our bed…in my toothpaste. I’m breathing it right now. You probably are too. (No doubt my computer fan is sucking it up and distributing it over the Internet.)

I’ve been trying to teach Cous Cous to clean up. But she runs and hides every time I bring out the vacuum. She pretends to be afraid, but…the truth? She’s lazy. And selfish!!

Like most cats, she’ll clean herself. But never the house!

What me? Vacuum?