The Truth about Lying

I’m excited to unveil today’s Last Kiss (above) because it’s my first collaboration with Israeli artist Elite Avni-Sharon. And more are on the way!

This makes the Last Kiss team truly international since my other current artist Diego Jourdan Pereira—originally from Uruguay—lives in Chile.

And translator/mastermind of the German Last Kiss site Gerd Syllwasschy lives in…well, Germany.

More about Elite and examples of her work here.

Art by Sid Greene from the story "People Will Talk" in NEW ROMANCES #11, 1952.

Art by Sid Greene from the story “People Will Talk” in NEW ROMANCES #11, 1952.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Red-headed woman hugging a blond man.

WOMAN (thinking): One of us is a liar! Thank God it’s me!

Original Art: Sid Greene Re-Creation: Elite Avni-Sharon

John Lustig
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