Write a Last Kiss Comic: 01/11/2010

What’s going on in this comic? It’s up to you! Suggest some dialog!

Rules: No prizes. No winners. No losers. And no deadline. This is just for the sheer silliness of it all.

For legal reasons, I have to tell you that all submissions become the property of Last Kiss Inc. That’s pretty standard for contests–except, of course, this isn’t a contest.

Please keep it reasonably clean (PG-13 or so.) But mostly have fun!

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Discussion (41)¬

  1. Mark Gundy says:

    “Ohh if only I could be like HER”

    “Lose 10 lbs, dye your hair and get a frontal lobotomy and you just might have a shot!

  2. Roger says:

    I found my boyfriends “little black book”, and I’m not in it!!!

  3. Married in Lynnwood says:

    Patty Primrose – I wish I had perfect derriere like Jennifer.
    Streetwise Sally – Oh honey, that derriere has been used more times than the balls at the bowling alley.
    Patty Primrose – So she sits down a lot. What’s wrong with that?

  4. Married in Lynnwood says:

    Girl 1: It’s my first day on campus and I love it here.
    Girl 2: You are a lesbian girl in an all-girl dorm and your roommate is the most beautiful gay woman on campus. If you can’t be happy here I don’t know where you could be happy.
    Girl 1: Well it’s hard to top the church summer camp I just came from!

  5. Married in Lynnwood says:

    Girl 1: I just know it’s going to work out perfectly. I love her so much!
    Girdl 2: OK, getting her to converert to your religion I can see. Becoming vegan? Maybe she loves animals. …but giving up boys? Have you seen the ones she has dated? …well maybe you do have a shot!

  6. tencentsadance says:

    Black-haired to red-haired:

    “Say, Mitzi. If you liked “Bedknobs and Broomsticks” then you may like “How To Scale A Fish.” But who am I? Amazon Dot Con?”

  7. Wyld1mi says:

    Redhead “And if you push like this for 60 seconds around 100 times a day, they actually get bigger” Brunette ” RIIIIIIIIIIIGHT, and watch out for toilet seats and kissing or you may end up someones mother!

  8. LoneWolf says:

    Redhead: “Oooh Steve is so great, I’m really in love this time”
    Brunette: “That’s great, Britanny, I hope you two will go well”
    Blonde, thinking: “go well huh? Not for long, as Steve already promise ME to break up and be my boyfriend, so sad for you Britanny hu hu hu”

    NB: a bit classic but it suits well the picture at least, IMHO ;) (and it involves boys, as everybody here wanted lesbians oriented strip ;))

  9. Married in Lynnwood says:

    Girl 1: Brad is so handsome. What I wouldn’t give for just one date with him.
    Girl 2: Well Jill up there HAD one date with Brad…and it took her 15 showers and a vist to her therapist just to get over the event. Be careful what you wish for honey.

  10. redwolf says:

    Look Tommy, just play it cool about the breast surgery and she’ll make it into your little black book.

  11. Kevin Boze says:

    Redhead: OUCH!!! Would someone PLEASE pull this Bible out of my cleavage?

    Brunette: Welcome to the ER, honey … you’ll just have to take a number and wait!

  12. Flipkat says:

    How does she get her hair so curly and zesty looking?
    It’s actually a wig made from strips of orange peel.

  13. Micromos says:

    Polite Polly – “I hear she gets a lot of dates.”
    Sassy Suzie – “You might say that. She’s been picked up so often she’s growing handles.”

  14. Married in Lynnwood says:

    Girl 1: No Pants day on the train was so fun. I can’t wait for no pants day at church.
    Girl 2: Umm…honey, No Pants day on the train was last week. As much as I like your SuperGirl panties you might want to try pants again.

  15. LibrarBrian says:

    Ginger: OK, I’ve tied myself to the stake, now what to I do?
    Janet: Stand there and refuse to repent your witchcraft while Barbie and I light the kindling.
    Barbie: I remembered the marshmallows this time!

  16. Married in Lynnwood says:

    Patty Primrose: I am so excited there is going to be a new boy in school today. I hear he is a dreamboat.
    Sally Streetwise: Honey, you have no chance as long as Jennifer there is on the reception committee.
    Patty Primrose: Well what I lack in good looks I make up in vocabulary…I have been studying the Urban Dictionary.

  17. Married in Lynnwood says:

    Oh look, that girl dated Tiger Woods.
    Yeah well she should have done a credit card commercial instead. Blonde hair: $90 Evening dress: $300 Entrance into the Golf Club lounge when Tiger is in town…Priceless.

  18. EsmereldaPea says:

    “Do you think the cosmetology teacher will approve of the Greta Garbo coif on my mannequin head?”

    “No such luck, kid – it looks too much like her old lady.”

  19. Redhead: GURRRL! I’ve finally done it! I’m… A Woman!

    Raven Tressed Temptress: That surgery made you look like a man in a wig and a dress. Oh… gurrrl!

    Girl #3 (thought balloon): These broads have got to go!

  20. Matt says:

    They can have their green and black books. I have their husbands.

  21. Jim Guida says:

    “Oh, Veronica. Betty. What do I need to do to get Archie to notice ME?

  22. Married in Lynnwood says:

    1950’s Girl 1: Someday American women will be desired for their brains and not their bodies.
    1950’s Girl 2: Yeah right, and someday most American men will spend more on clothes and cosmentics than power tools.

  23. Red Head: “With all this school work, I don’t know how I can keep up with everything.”
    Lady next to her: “Twitter, Facebook, MySpace…”

  24. Married in Lynnwood says:

    Girl 1: I wish I had breast like hers.
    Girl 2: Honey, then the only men that will look into your eyes ever again will be your dad and your optometrist.

  25. Allen Smith says:

    Woman 1: “I was upset when I heard that he’d cheated on me….”
    Woman 2: “But when you discovered it was with your two sisters….”
    Woman 3: “We all decided it was share and share alike!”

  26. Jeryl says:

    I’m afraid to look!! After last night I should have at least 6 stars after my name!!!

  27. BEMaven says:

    We now present another episode of DOCTOR LUSTIG, MEDICINE MONGER—

    LADY ON THE LEFT: I hope the Doctor help me with this strange deformity that makes my left hand look like a book!

    LADY IN THE MIDDLE: Sorry, dear, but my emergency comes first! I’m so near-sighted, I shoved my contact lenses up my nose this morning.

    NURSE ON THE RIGHT: Hokay, which of your freaks is next?

  28. Tami Brittain says:

    “Shhh, there’s Linda… I heard that she gets more ass than a public toilet seat.”

  29. Heather Tardiff says:

    Redhead: Oh, what a beautiful young woman!
    Raven haired: Not yet, he’s still pre-op.

  30. REDHEAD: Oh, I do so hope Mr. Lustig will autograph my left breast.

    RAVENHAIRED: No offense, honey, but I doubt there’s room for even his initials.

    BRUNETTE: He’s almost done signing mine… after four misspellings.

  31. Jeryl says:

    OOO she’s turning around! I hope she knows it was me that grabbed her ass!

  32. BEMaven says:

    It’s same old story, with the same sad ending…

    Young, impressionable women arrive in the big city with big dreams. Each hoping to star in their own romance comic book. Only to wind up on the streets, reduced to selling their bodies as clipart.

  33. Girl 1: Why do we have to wear mouth guards in this drama class?

    Girl 2: Because the teacher likes to French kiss.

    Girl 3: So what? I’m not French.

  34. Valerie says:

    Tell her your name is “Phoebe.” Then she’ll sign your quaint little book … .

  35. M. Smokey says:

    #1: I do hope Bill asks me to the party!
    #2: He should…. as long a Breck Girl doesn’t notice him.

  36. Jackone says:

    Redhead: I hear she colors her hair.

    Brunette: Nope, it’s a wig.

  37. A.J. says:

    Allen began wondering whether Troy and Gary weren’t starting to take the Sadie Hawkins dance a little too seriously.

  38. Paul1963 says:

    Redhead: Oh, I love Edward so much!
    Brunette: Edward, bah. Taylor’s the hottie.
    Blonde (thinking): I wonder if I should tell them I’m crazy about Bella?

    (Never read the books, never seen the movies, can’t remember the werewolf’s name.)