Write a Last Kiss Comic: 01/04/2010


What’s going on in this comic? It’s up to you! Suggest some dialog!

Rules: No prizes. No winners. No losers. And no deadline. This is just for the sheer silliness of it all.

For legal reasons, I have to tell you that all submissions become the property of Last Kiss Inc. That’s pretty standard for contests–except, of course, this isn’t a contest.

Please keep it reasonably clean (PG-13 or so.) But mostly have fun!

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  1. Okay so let’s see…the cab driver’s real but his uniform is fake and at the last second he’s gonna come back and rip off this gay dress and OH DAMN I CAN’T REMEMBER ALL OF THIS!

  2. OMG! Bob is back and his elephantiasis is worse than the doctor said!

  3. You’d think he would know when to give up!

  4. Why do they never look as good as their photo on Facebook?

  5. “Sniff, If I could only get this door knob to turn!”

  6. “Shoot. It looks like basic training didn’t help at all!”

  7. Oh my darling! Please be home for good this time! Oh my goodness, is that his discharge in his hand?


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