Darth Mutter: Her Force is Strong

Darth Mutter: Her Force is Strong

Here’s the second in my series of Cosplay Comics (TM) featuring Brieanna Brock.

My thanks to Brieanna and photographer Tyler Leavitt for the use of the photo.

Next up in the series? On Wednesday, Brie reveals why you should never criticize a girl’s footware.

(Curious about why I’m doing this series? Here are the answers.)

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Brieanna Brock in sexy Darth Vader-like costume.

Darth Mutter: Luke, I am not your father!

Model: ©Brieanna Brock
Photo ©Tyler Leavitt
Dialogue ©Last Kiss Inc

Brieanna is…CattyWoman!

Brieanna is…CattyWoman!

If you like this, rejoice. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be doing more silly-but-sexy, cosplay funnies featuring Brieanna Brock. (Believe me, they get even stranger.)

And—if you don’t like it—too bad. Here’s why I’m doing it anyway.

My thanks to model model Brieanna Brock and photographer Joseph Scott for letting me launch the series with this purrfect photo.

The next episode of Cosplay Comics (TM) will appear this Sunday. Don’t miss it or everyone you know (including your cat) will make fun of you!

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Photo of Brieanna Brock in a sexy Catwoman costume, wielding a whip and crouching on a rooftop.

CattyWoman: No! I’m not a dog person!

Model: Brieanna Brock Photo ©Joseph Scott
Dialogue ©2013 Last Kiss Inc

Cosplay Comics (TM) with Brieanna Brock

Today’s Last Kiss is the first of seven photo comics that I’ll be showcasing over the next few weeks. (Wednesdays and some Sundays.)

All feature the lovely and incredibly industrious Brieanna Brock—cosplay model extraordinaire, actress, fashion designer, emcee, writer and—for all I know—future president of the world.

My one and only meeting with Brie came a couple of years ago at a San Diego comic con when we were both doing appearances at the World’s Famous Comics booth.

I was there signing comics and Brie was there modeling—the living embodiment of  a painting by WFC’s owner/artist Justin Chung.

Now, Brie does a lot of cosplay at conventions and comic stores. I mean—a lot. So she has ton of photos of herself posing as different super heroines and pop culture characters.

And it suddenly hit me—if I added dialog to those photos, it’d be just like what I do with old comic art.

So I asked myself, wouldn’t that be fun? And I answered myself—you betcha!