Red Carpet Treatment for Felina Vie

Red Carpet Treatment for Felina Vie

I’m delighted to have another Felina Vie photo in Last Kiss. My thanks to both Felina as well as photographer Allen Freeman for letting me use it.

And I’m happy to say we’ll have another Felina photo by Allen two days from now.

Postscript: This wasn’t planned, but I just learned that today (Dec. 19) is Felina’s birthday. Feel free to say Happy Birthday. I’ll make sure Felina sees this.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Model Felina Vie is dress in a red negligee, gloves, stockings and high heels as she lies on a red carpet.

FELINA: I know you’re trying to get out of the “red,” but…maybe you could make an exception for me!

Photo: ©2023 Allen Freeman Text: ©2023 Last Kiss Inc

Happy Holidays from...
Model: Felina Vie Photographer: Allen Freeman
Writer: John Lustig