Art by Dick Giordano from First Kiss #31, 1963.

Art by Dick Giordano from First Kiss #31, 1963.

I admit my date with my dentist didn’t start out well.

I mean, I had to make an appointment. And the receptionist Carol asked me for my insurance—almost like I was really there to get my wisdom teeth pulled!

But then Carol took me to a small room. It was decorated to look like a dental office. But I knew it was really a private dining room. I sat in a big, deluxe chair—comfy enough for wild, dental sex!

Then Carol handed me a big bib and, of course, I squealed like a teenage girl on her first date. (Which—by the way—I was.)

“Oh, my! Is this a lobster bib?” I asked. “I’ve never had lobster before. I’m a lobster virgin!”

Carol just shook her head and walked away. She never came back. She didn’t even take my drink order. (No tip for that bitch!)

I was pretty steamed, but then—a mere 45 minutes later—Dr. Dreamboat showed up for our date. So I couldn’t stay angry.

And, guess what? He gave me drugs. What a great way to start a date!

I don’t actually remember anything after that. But—after I woke up and stopped throwing up—I was super sore! So I knew I must’ve had a good time.

And that’s when I knew…I was in love!

Meanwhile, back in the present…

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