Unlucky Leprechaun

Unlucky Leprechaun

In 1984 on St. Patrick’s Day, my wife went insane. Instead of screaming and running out of the church, she married me. So St. Pat’s Day is always a major event for us. This year we’re celebrating three decades of Shelagh having a lapse in judgment and somehow being happily married to me. So far, so good. —John Lustig

Leprechaun and new color courtesy of my pal and genius-at-large Mike Pascale.

Meanwhile, back in 1960…
See the original 1960 art and dialogue for today’s Last Kiss webcomic here.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman in the foreground. A leprechaun is in the background.

WOMAN: I don’t care how big your pot of gold is! You’re not getting lucky tonight!

Inks: Dick Giordano St. Pat’s Magic: Mike Pascale

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