romanceBeatLogo1NEW YORK CITY — (June 3, 2013) –, a blog covering all things romantic in pop culture, has launched a new feature of curated comic art by John Lustig from Last Kiss Comics.

Lustig is much admired for his comic book scripts starring Donald Duck and other members of Disney’s duck family. He has also become known for his re-scripting of panels from the “Last Kiss” comics once published by Charlton Comics.

The classic “Last Kiss” panel illustrations from the 50s and 60s are owned by Lustig, who has given them renewed life with his clever scripts. He has personally selected a collection for to post, side-by-side with the blog’s latest romantic celebrity gossip, romance book news, personal love stories, etc.

“Imagine a site devoted to romance,” says Lustig. “It’s the perfect setting for this timeless comic art.”

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