I’m excited to announce that a big, bold new line of Last Kiss merchandise is launching in Scandinavia. And—to make it even more exciting—it’s all because of a 11004_142275162620138_627585552_nTV show that just aired.

Here’s how it happened…

Businessman Tero Tahtonen went on the Finnish version of the “Shark Tank” TV show (“Leijonan luola” or Dragon’s Den) and wowed one of the venture capitalists on the show. Tero’s idea was to create a line of gift items featuring comic book-style images.

Anne Berner—a famous Finnish businesswoman—offered to partner with Tero. And eventually Tero and Anne selected Last Kiss for their first property.

Tero’s TV episode aired April 10, 2013 and his new company, Pop Art Funnies Finland (PAFF), just launched its new website and Facebook page.

Last Kiss fridge magnets (and a whole lot more) are in production right now.