My pal Dana Braziel-Solovy is a real model, but I'm the one who "posed" for Playboy at Comic-Con International. (Dana is showing off a Last Kiss print and I'm holding Dana's new comic "The Adventures of a Comic Con Girl.")


No, that’s too small and timid a word to describe my adventures at Comic-Con International this year.

I had the most freaking awesome, incredible, phenomenal, extraordinary, stupendous, career-changing, adjective-defying convention of my life.

Most of the business and writing opportunities that opened up for me, I can’t talk about yet. So, instead, I’ll just tell you about my experience with a Playboy model.

Thursday—the first full day of the con—I’m at my booth when a guy walks up, looks around and pretty much blew me away when he announced that he was from Playboy and that he loved my Last Kiss merchandise. Our conversation went something like this.

“Would you mind if we interviewed you for” asked producer Tim Gibbs.

“Yeah,” I said calmly as my brain revolved 360 degrees in my head. “Sure. I guess I could deal with that.”

“And would you mind if we buy one of your shirts and have our model wear it while she interviews you,” asked Tim.

“Oh,” I said as my brain started spinning at light speed. “I guess that would be fine too.”

So Tim bought a shirt and said they’d probably be back the next day (Friday) around 11 a.m. Great, I thought. I’ll be fresh, rested and maybe even calm by then. (Instead of exhausted, but buzzed with excitement.)

So, of course, Tim came back later that afternoon—15 minutes before the exhibit hall closes—and says he’d like to do the interview right now. Then he introduces me to the adorable Chloe Miranda who is wearing one of my dark fuchsia “Me Innocent” T-shirts.

How could I say no?

So I stand next to Chloe. The camera man repositions me so that he can see my face better. (Hey, that makes me a Playboy model too—sorta!) And the interview begins.

“Hi. I”m Chloe Miranda and I’m here at Comic-Con International. I couldn’t get a Comic-Con T-shirt because I think they were sold out. But…I got something even better,” says Chloe pointing to the Last Kiss shirt she’s wearing.

Now, this is where the top of my head blows off and my brain goes into orbit. A Playboy model is wearing my shirt and telling everyone she loves it. Life is good!

Somehow I manage to answer all Chloe’s questions about Last Kiss. And I’m told it even went well.

So, how come I don’t have any pictures of Chloe and me here?

Unfortunately, I was so awestruck that I forgot to ask a friend to take some photos. And I don’t have Playboy’s permission to use Playboy’s photos. (Although it is apparently okay for me to use a thumbnail photo.)

You can, however, see photos of the Last Kiss-clad Chloe on the free part of Playboy’s site. Chloe is wearing a Last Kiss shirt in the first two pictures of’s Comic-Con photo gallery.

As for me, my chance for video glory seems to have come and gone. So far, Playboy has not included any video or photos of me in its Comic-Con coverage. (You can, however, see a second or two of Chloe wearing a Last Kiss shirt plus a brief shot of my Last Kiss magnets in this video. But if you blink you’ll miss them.)

That’s okay, though. I can now say that I posed with a Playboy model. She even wore one of my Ts. (And you can too.)

Plus, I was a Playboy model myself—sort of.