Your New Breast Friend

Your New Breast Friend

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Today’s Last Kiss: Ladies, he’s easily distracted. (“Squirrel!”)

He tries to look you in the eyes. (“Squirrel!)

And have a meaningful conversation. (“Squirrel!”)

But all of a sudden… (“Breasts!”)

Original Art:

To the right is the original art (plus a couple of panels) from Charlton’s Teen-Age Hotrodders #13 (1965).

It’s a hot-headed hotrodder versus a gang of rude, motor-mouthed motorcyclists. Given the title of the comic, who do you think will win?

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↓ Transcript
SCENE: A man in a leather jacket (who looks like he could be a member of a motorcycle gang) leaps forward with both hands reaching out.

MAN: Your breasts? Sorry! Was I staring?

Art by Jack Keller
Color by Allen Freeman