Clint Neilson was the first reader to submit a gag in my most recent dialog contest. There were approximately 50 other submissions after that from other people. But when the dust settled, Neilson was the clear winner with nearly twice as many votes as anyone else. (See above for his dialog.)

His prize—10 Last Kiss note cards.

(Okay, it’s not as grand as winning a new car and a smile from Vanna White, but hey—they’re nice cards!)

Runners-up in the vote count included…

Richard Gretsch (14 votes): “Dear Madam, We thank you for your suggestion, but we believe our Maidenform Bras should be worn under the clothes, and not over them.”

Schuyler Corson (13 votes): “Sexting and off color emails are nice, but nothing shows respect like a good old dirty letter!”

Nikolai Garcia (13 votes): “What happened at Comic Con was a one-time thing. Please stop stalking me. Sincerely, John Lustig”

Jim Guida (11 votes): ‎”Oh, isn’t that cute. Another restraining order. I’ll put it with the others.”

Morten Haugen (10 votes): A restraint order? From my hairdresser?

Great job, folks!