Why I’m Not Going to UCLA

Why I’m Not Going to UCLA

My thanks to “Picto”—one of my readers on GoComics.com—for suggesting the name “The Institute for the Sexually Gifted.”

I have some very inventive, funny and (surprisingly) dirty fans on GoComics.com. Many of the best comics in the world are available for free on that site. But honestly—sometimes the comments from readers are even funnier than the comics.

Original Art:
Below is the original art. This is actually a panel from the same story as Friday’s comic.

It’s a little earlier in the story and Betty has just learned that the boy she likes (Rod) is interested in icthyology. (Sure. I know when I hit puberty all I could think about was fish.)

So naturally icthyology becomes important to her too.

↓ Transcript
GIRL: I love UCLA! But the Institute for the Sexually Gifted has better orgies!

Art by Charles Nicholas & Sal Trapani