I’m Not Short! I’m Just Drawn This Way

I’m Not Short! I’m Just Drawn This Way

I wrote two gags to go with this art and I was going to post the other one. But this is the gag that made my wife (Shelagh) laugh. So that’s what I’m using–even, though, I thought the other gag was funnier.

Maybe I’ll use the other joke another time. (I’m cracking up just thinking about it!) In the meantime, if you don’t think today’s joke is funny, blame Shelagh. If you like it, though, I’ll be glad to take the credit.

(12/30/2010) Okay by popular request, I’m finally posting the other gag here. Maybe I exaggerated just a teensy bit. Maybe Shelagh’s gag is funnier. But is better because…well, I’ll think of a good reason later. Or maybe I can get Shelagh to think of one for me. Honey…

↓ Transcript
SCENE: In the foreground is a woman with her back turned to a very short man (or someone far in the background!)

MAN: Hey, give me a chance! I’ve climbed taller women than you!

Art by Dick Giordano