Glamour Gal vs. Reality

Glamour Gal vs. Reality

I’m not sure if shopping qualifies as a super power. But I suspect you have to enjoy it to do it well. I don’t…unless, of course, it involves buying comics…or books…or DVDs…or cool electronic gizmos that I can’t afford. But that’s not really shopping. That’s, uh…male bonding.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Young woman is in bed alone crying.

CAPTION: After accidentally destroying a super mall while bargain hunting, Glamour Gal is kicked out of The League of Superior Shoppers! Stripped of her League credit card, Glamour Gal loses her reason for first!

WOMAN (thinks): My credit rating’s lower than a snake’s hip huggers! There’s only one thing left for me to do! I’ll fake my own death...

SCENE: Woman cries as she packs her clothes into a suitcase.
WOMAN (thinks): ...and pretend I’m my twin sister! Then I’ll apply for new credit cards! It’s either that…or >Gulp< wear clothes off the rack!

CAPTION: Bad credit? Try Last Kiss! We’ll loan money to anyone—even if you’re dead!