Roses Make Me Swoon, But…

Roses Make Me Swoon, But…

Art by Vince Colletta Studio from the story “A Bouquet of Roses” in FIRST KISS #20, 1961.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: A woman with a bouquet of roses.

WOMAN: Valentine, Roses make me swoon! But diamonds make me so weak…I can’t get out of bed!

1961 Art: Vince Colletta Studio Re-Creation: Diego Jourdan Pereira

Star Wars Holiday Spirit

Star Wars Holiday Spirit

Here’s some holiday (and Star Wars) photo-comic fun with photographer Allen Freeman. Plus model Caitlin Litzinger.
And, yes, I’m looking forward to seeing the new Star Wars film ROGUE ONE!


Below is today’s comic without those silly word balloons in the way:

Click image to enlarge. Model Caitlin Litzinger ©2016 Allen Freeman

↓ Transcript
Woman dressed up as a skimp-clad Darth Vader wearing a blue Santa cap and holding a Christmas stocking with Yoda inside. In the background is a starry outer space.

WOMAN: I am the Ghost of...Christmas Blockbusters Past!

YODA: May the Sales Force be with you!

Model: Caitlin Litzinger Photo: Allen Freeman
Text ©2016 Last Kiss Inc Photo ©2016 Allen Freeman

Free Turkey

Free Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!

And many thanks to my pal Mike Pascale for today’s tasty gag!

Inked by Dick Giordano from the story "My Foolish Heart" in FIRST KISS #21, 1961.

Inked by Dick Giordano in the story “My Foolish Heart” in FIRST KISS #21, 1961.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Man getting a picnic basket out of the truck of a car as a woman looks on.

MAN: As a Vegan, I’m setting the turkey free!

WOMAN: After it’s roasted?

1961 Art: Inked by Dick Giordano Color: Allen Freeman
Calorie-Free-Dialogue and Art Changes: Mike Pascale

Gobbler Greatness

Gobbler Greatness

Art by Charles Nicholas & Vince Alascia from the story "Love Will Point the Way" in FIRST KISS #14, 1960.

Art by Charles Nicholas & Vince Alascia from the story “Love Will Point the Way” in FIRST KISS #14, 1960.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Man and woman (in an apron) embrace---framed by an opening in a kitchen with pots and pans.

MAN: You’re going to make Thanksgiving great again? How?

WOMAN: I’m ordering out!

1960 Art: Charles Nicholas & Vince Alascia Color: Allen Freeman

Practice Surgery

Practice Surgery

Happy Halloween, ghouls and boils!

Here’s the wrap up to the Halloween photo-comics. Starting Wednesday, we’re back to “old comics with new dialogue” three times a week.


However, I’d love to do more photo-comics occasionally. So, if you’ve enjoyed this last week (or hated it), please let me know.


In the meantime, my thanks to Allen Freeman and models Felina Vie and Caitlin Litzinger for the visual tricks and treats!