Stimulus Package Valentine

Valentine’s Day is a major event in the Lustig household. It’s not well known, but without our lavish Valentine celebrations the candy, flower, stupid-but-adorable gift, and eatable panty industries would collapse.

But times are tough. So we’re praying that Congress includes a modest $1 billion (or two!) Valentine subsidy in the stimulus package. After all, even in desperate times like these, everyone should be able to afford romance…and eatable underwear.

↓ Transcript
CAPTION: Happy Valentine’s Day!

WOMAN: Wow! You’re like...the ultimate stimulus package!

MAN: Let’s call Congress!


  1. lol! This is so great! And so timely! And what romantic fool (or even not so romantic) wouldn’t love edible underwear? 🙂 I think with appropriate economies of scale, that would bring consumers out shopping… Thanks again for the laughter!

  2. Thanks, Catalina. In these hard economic times we may all end up eating our shorts.


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