Sex Equals Blockbuster Movie?

↓ Transcript
WOMAN: Sex is like a blockbuster movie! When it’s great, I lust for a sequel!

Art by either Dick Giordano by himself or by Dick Giordano & Vince Colletta.


  1. You know, when you actually stop to think about it instead of running on pure instinct, she’s right.

  2. …and when it’s not so great I tend to walk out in the middle.

  3. …and when it’s not so great I take a nap in the middle.

  4. …and when it’s not so great I ask for my money back.

  5. … When it’s great, I like to tell lots of people about it.

    …It’s noisy, takes place in the dark, there are other people watching, the floor is sticky, and the bootleg video is available online the next day.



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