Sex Education for Nincompoops?

Has anyone ever flunked sex education? How embarrassing would that be? Sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Lustig, but Johnny can’t graduate because he doesn’t know the difference between %^&@ and #&@*! And he can’t even find his own *#@%!

The only thing I remember clearly from class is that I once asked the teacher a question so embarrassing that he refused to answer me. Or was it a woman teacher? Oh, crud. I need a refresher course! Hey, Shelagh…

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↓ Transcript
SCENE: Man and woman talking.

WOMAN: You flunked sex?

MAN: Just foreplay!

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  1. Well… in the Midwest, we really didn’t have sex ed. There was some class in high school where people carried around bags of flour for a few weeks…

    My parents handed me a booklet, and it was so vague I thought sperm just kinda floated through the air like germs until they found a friendly environment…

    And then my mother tricked me into watching “The Miracle of Life” on Nova. Really cool, with fiber optic cameras and cells dividing and pictures of the fetus. Until the ending, [SPOILER] where they show the baby being born! MAN! Almost scarred for life!

    Wish Sex Ed was like regular school classes… Flunk during the school year, take it during Summer School…. Do it until I get it right. Alas… no “study buddies” in my school.



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