Cat Napped

Cat Napped

Today’s Last Kiss is a bit of an outlier because it has no beautiful women. (Or men.) And no sexual innuendos.

True, our star character has bedroom eyes. But…so what? He’s a cat!

What makes this one special to me is that he’s our next-door neighbors’ cat, Rigby. And he usually comes over at least once a day to visit us. Sometimes for two minutes. Sometimes for two hours. We are helpless people putty in his adorable paws,

And now he’s convinced me to make him a webcomic star. Honestly, this cat has no shame!

–John Lustig, Rigby’s pawn.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Rigby the cat is barely awake as he lies on a human bed.

RIGBY: I’m so excited to see you! I almost can’t sleep!

Rigby the cat appears courtesy of his servants Paul Roos & Crispina Foss Roos
Photo & Feline Fantasticality: John Lustig