Don’t Ask! She won’t Tell!

Other questions you don’t have to answer…

–Are you just happy to see me or is that a single-shot, 40-mm grenade launcher in your pocket?

–If God is your copilot, who are the flight attendants and why haven’t they brought us drinks by now?

–Are you sure the sky is blue? Really? You think that’s blue? Have you ever considered that “blue” might just be what “they” want you to think it is?

–Do you feel “blue” now? Are you sure you don’t feel red instead?

↓ Transcript
SCENE: A tense, young woman stands over a bed looking down at another woman on the bed who's swooning happily.

TENSE WOMAN STANDING: Straight or gay? You have to decide!

HAPPY WOMAN ON BED: Oh, shut up and let me be happy!


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    Is this another one of your “She’s dating a gay guy” gags? You do so many of those that I am inclined to think so, but then again maybe this is a lesbian gag. Does this mean I am sayoing that the humor is getting lost in the confusion? Or is the”confusion” what the humor is playing off of? I’m so clever.


  2. Yes, you are clever, David. I have to admit that it didn’t occur to me that she might be dating a gay guy. My thought was more along the line that she’s romantically interested in both guys (presumably straight, but I’m open to other interpretations) and women.

    Generally, although I have an opinion on what my comic “means”, I really prefer to leave it up to readers to figure out what it means to them.

  3. I like this one 🙂 (Which is not to imply that I didn’t like other ones, just that I particularly like this one).

  4. alternate dialogue:
    “I don’t care! As long as he has a big… bank account!”


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