Bottoms Up for Donald Duck

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Now, here’s something you wouldn’t see in an American comic book for kids.

Although this may look like an audition for Last Kiss cheerleaders, it’s actually an ad in a Danish Donald Duck comic book.

This full-page ad appeared in the Oct. 13, 2005 edition of ANDERS And & Co. It’s promoting a movie af banen! (We are the Champions) about a divorced dad who takes over the coaching of his son’s little league soccer team—thus reconnecting with his son. (And earning the love of one of the soccer moms.)

Judging from this photo, he’s also popular with cheerleaders.


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  1. Just a small note: you list the title of the movie as ‘af anen’, where it should be ‘af Banen’ which literally means ‘off track’ I believe.

    • Thanks for catching the typo. I’ve corrected it. As for what the title means, I’m sure you’re right and that’s the literal translation of the title. However, lists “We are the Champions” as the English title. So I guess I’ll stick with that in case anyone is looking for an English (subtitled?) version of the movie.

  2. You mean it would have been more Donald-Duck-like if they had left the panties off?

    • Hmm, I hadn’t thought of that, Gerd. But since Donald doesn’t wear pants…Sure!


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