50% off Last Kiss Christmas cards thru Jan. 7

Oh, no! It’s only 12 months ’til Christmas 2011. What to do?

From now through Jan. 7, 2011, use coupon code DITTO50 and save 50% on your purchase of $15 or more of Last Kiss Christmas cards!

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  1. Hi It just occured to me that I would buy a whole bunch of these if they were e-cards..Love your stuff as you know and thought you could do a Jacquie Lawson kind of thing without the animation, although, dam, the animation Last Kiss comics would be awesome

  2. Hi, Clark. Right now, they’re just paper cards. But I’m glad you like them. There are rumors of a Last Kiss animation surfacing one of these days. Actually, there are two short, short pieces that’ve been ALMOST done for a long time. I think it’s about time I light a fire under the folks working on them. (Hard to do when they working for free, though!)


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