H-H-Holey Condoms

H-H-Holey Condoms

Now the average reader might respond to this comic by saying something like:

1. You idiot! You’ve misspelled “Holy.”

But you’ve figured out that this alternative spelling is a pun. And maybe it isn’t that funny to most people. But you’re the exception and think it’s hilarious.

2. “Hey, wait a minute!” protests the average reader. “If she’s having sex, how come she’s dressed? And how come she’s standing or at least sitting up?”

Fortunately, you’ve figured out that the earthquake has thrown her off the bed and her clothes (which were also airborne) landed on her.

There! Aren’t you glad you didn’t have to ask?

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman looks startled and appears to be shaking.

WOMAN: H-h-holey condoms! You’re
n-not a great lover! We’re just having
an earth-Q-Q-quake!

Art by Dick Giordano